This was my second Rubik’s Cube mod based on LanceTheBlueKnight’s capping method. This time I used the mitre box instead of the dremel to cut the pieces. I also changed from plastic cement to a cheap brand of epoxy, but it still couldn’t hold all caps very well. The plastic I used for capping had something mixed with it which shows as brown dots, but after putting the stickers you can barely see them. The part which takes the longest time by far is the sanding, the more time you dedicate, the more the pieces will look even, but I am still looking for a better and cheap sanding method which doesn’t depend on my hand’s angle so much… Oh, and I still haven’t figured out a nice way to cut the stickers, maybe at the end I’m always too eager to finish hehe…

I made the video with the advanced compact Canon S95, which resulted in much better quality than my previous camera, even though I didn’t use its HD settings. And I finally changed from Windows Movie Maker to Power Director, which has much better options for movie editting.

The video has been up since November 2010 and is already my most watched video (ok, that’s not so impressive), especially thanks to Gizmodo Brasil which featured the video on its first day. Interestingly, the reason why Gizmodo liked the video so much was because of the song, “Dança do Créu” is a Brazilian Carioca Funk, coming from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, which is a rhythm known for its indecency (but really, it’s not that far from hip-hop in this respect, Brazilians can be so sensitive…). So basically the story was the surprise of someone supposedly intelligent (ehem) enought o mod a Rubik’s cube enjoying such a song hahaha



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