This was my first real Rubik’s cube mod. It was my first time using my dremel tool, and really, my first time doing any manual work which didn’t involve assembling furnityre. I got very satisfied with the result. I made it following pictures I found online and used LanceTheBlueKnight’s capping method. The video was filmed with an old Canon I had, and editted on Windows Movie Maker – hence the poor quality. Everything was improved on my following mod, the Octagon Barrel, from the mod to the video.

I tried to make the video as easy to understand as possible. All steps are included, you just gotta pause while you do it. Basically it’s cutting > sanding > gluing > cutting > sanding > stickering. Cutting with the Dremel is a lot of trouble, but these angles would be bad to cut with a mitre box as well, so there’s no escape I guess…


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